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Pinsa Romana Course

Pinsa is the Ancient Roman Pizza. A lighter, healthier version of our beloved authentic Italian pizza. This mouthwatering product is characterized by a crunchy outside with a soft inside, shaped to perfection in a traditional oval. 

The Pinsa processing technique follows strict standards for both the flour and water temperature.  

Certified Professional Pinsaiolo

Our Professional Pinsaiolo Course is taught according to the "Associazione Autentica Pinsa Romana" guidelines and is held individually or in a small group of max. 5 people. This way you will have all the time and one to one support you need from our certified instructors. 

During our 5-days course you will learn How To:

  • Mix different kind of flours to obtain the Pinsa mix.

  • Make high hydration dough (80 -100% of water).

  • Portion, shape and fold the dough to obtain perfect proofing and maturation.

  • Stretch the dough using the particular stretching technique for Pinsa.

  • Organize your production by baking or par-baking.

  • Use and maintain the oven.

  • Top, Bake and Present the Pinsa with seasonal ingredients and Italian pizza toppings.

 Gain theoretical knowledge on:

  • Choosing the flour, distinguishing between 0, 00 and whole wheat flour and more.

  • The importance of leavening, fermentation and how they affect nutrition & flavor.

  • How temperature affects the dough.

  • How equipment choice and layout affects productivity.

At the end of the course you will receive a "Professional Pinsaiolo" diploma certified by "Autentica Pinsa Romana"

1 Day Pinsa Course

One day full immersion in the Pinsa world.

This type of course suites both professionals willing to implement their knowledge and technique in the fast growing world of Pinsa and also baking amateurs, healthy food lovers.


You will acquire basic theoretical knowledge about Pinsa maturation and leavening and its difference from the classic pizzas.


You will learn and practice how to:

  • make and handle a high hydration dough

  • portion and shape the dough

  • stretching the dough and the technique to obtain the particular Pinsa shape.

  • par-bake and bake Pinsa


At the end the course participants will receive a certificate of participation and the
“Friend of Autentica Pinsa Romana” membership.

Private Pinsa Course and Consulting

“Autentica pinsa romana” association provides consulting and dedicated individual courses directly to your location. Our experts will train you or your pinsa/pizza Chef according to your specific needs and they will follow you through the right steps to optimise your facility (choose the right equipment, place the equipment in a practical way, proper working system, marketing and design advices and more if needed). This way you can have all the assistance you need for a brand new start up or just for a restaurant-pizzeria improvement with pinsa romana.

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