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Our Mission


Everyone knows that Italy is the cradle of culture and good food.

However, Italian sounding abuse is widespread all around the world.

Italian Sounding means the counterfeiting of Made in Italy, aiming to deceive customers by selling products similar to the Italian ones. Some examples are the misuse of terms and indications referencing Italy  Italian flag, and images recalling the “Bel Paese”.

The goal of our association is to stop this unwanted phenomenon which is harming our most valuable products, especially in the food and wine gastronomy (pizza, cheeses, wine, extra virgin olive oil, coffee, pasta, sauces, etc.) 

“L’associazione Autentica Pinsa Romana” has the mission to Promote and Protect worldwide the Pinsa Romana, Ancient Roman Pizza, one of the Italian cuisine excellence, promoting the authentic preparation techniques, and ingredients set out in its  “disciplinary”.

The association aims to promote and protect “Pinseria restaurants” owners, pinsaioli (pinsa makers) and every business serving “Pinsa Romana” following the authentic and traditional way.

For this purpose we created a specific registry of Pinsaioli and a procedure of certification  for every business serving “Autentica Pinsa Romana”.


 Thank you for your support

Michele Pagano

Pinsa  and  Beyond ...
We are proud to announce our Strategic partnership with Pinsarella, to introduce in the American market our flour Mix for Pinsa, Gluten free flour mix, and allergens free flour mix.
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